Hello world!

9 Jun

I want to introduce myself you the world.  My name is Tonya, AKA MochaMom04.  I live in Virginia and I am very excited about the journey that I am about to take on the world-wide-web!  Blogging by stay-at-home moms is taking the net by storm, and so I am one of many.   I have been asking myself what will make my blog stand out amongst many others…what will make my site unique?

Well, I guess we will have to see!

I am a stay at home mommy and wife.  By profession, I am a teacher.  I taught in the public school system for 8 years and I have been home for almost 1 year.  My husband and I made the decision for me to stay home after giving birth to 3 children in 2 years.  YES!  3 babies in 2 years.  In August of 2007, we gave birth to a bouncy baby boy…375 days later the twins entered the world!  We also have a 9 year old daughter, who is the Princess Diva of our home.

I was raised in a money saving family.  As a child, my mother would drag me with her on Saturday mornings to yard sales in the neighboring communities.  My mother cut coupons, shopped the sales, loved hand-me-downs and mailed in rebates.  I guess I got my frugality honestly!  As an adult, I have truly embraced the lessons of saving money and saving money has almost become an obsession for me.  I go to the grocery store, armed with my coupons and a list…ready for a money saving victory.  I usually leave the store with a smile on my face and money in my pockets.  I also leave with store employees and other shoppers in utter shock of the money that I saved.

I save everywhere I go.  Buying at regular/full price is ridiculous and you don’t have to!  It is my goal to share what I know with others…women and men!  Sit back, relax and sip on savings with me!

I invite you to sip on savings with me!

I invite you to sip on savings with me!


One Response to “Hello world!”

  1. Michelle June 17, 2009 at 5:54 pm #

    Well, I can’t wait to read about your money saving tips! I too have the same mind-set, never buy full price! Jechelle tells me all the time, “Look mami a red sticker.”…meaning a discount/sale tag! LOL

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