She shopped… She scored!

20 Jun

And that “she” would be ME!  I am very excited about my shopping experience.  My DH and I had a formal event to attend Friday evening and I found myself in need of a new semi-formal dress.  Now when I say “new”, I mean “new” to me.  I was hoping to borrow one or stumble across one at a local consignment shop that carries really nice clothing.  But neither worked out.  So, today I headed out to the mall.  I have cut down significantly on my shopping and spending…hence, my blog on saving money and getting things for FREE! I might add that I enjoyed my FREE 24oz Jetty Punch Smoothie from Tropical Smoothie!  Hope you were one of the fortunate first 500 customers to score a Friday Freebie!

Before leaving home, something told me to go online and print a few coupons from Macy’s website.  Today and tomorrow they are having yet another “Biggest Sale of the Year!”  They are almost like Haynes furniture when it comes to their HUGE SALES advertisements.  Online, I found a coupon for $10 Off a $25 purchase.  Great!

I found myself in Macy’s after having no luck in another store.  All throughout the store they had racks marked – 75% Off.  My eyes grew very large!  I made my way through the shoes… I tried on a pair of totally cute red floral printed pumps that I have had my eyes on and then moved on.  I entered the dress section ignoring the signs for $69.00 and even the racks marked 50% Off.  I went straight for the 75% Off rack of formal dresses and the excitement began to rise within.  I found 6 dresses all in my size…this had to be my day!  Coral, dark blue, turquoise, dark brown and fuchsia… long, short, strapless, skinny rope straps… Each one could have been “the dress”.  I tried them on, Judge Maggie (my 9 year old daughter) at my side rating each dress.  I narrowed them down to 3 and then chose the coral, strapless, knee length dress.  Very cute!  The dress originally sold for $78.00, but was marked down to $19.50.  The sales were so good that I picked up 3 other dresses.  My DH needed something that would coordinate with my dress, so I found a tie that was 50% Off.  Ready for the total?  I purchased 4 dresses and 1 tie for $100!

  • Formal Dress:  $78 = $19.50
  • 2 Piece “church” dress $110 = $19.50 (Marked down more than 75%)
  • Green Evan Picone Dress $99 = $24.50
  • Bobby Bee Dress $78 = $16.50 (Marked down more than 75%)
  • Tie by Charter Club $40 = $20

Then I used the coupon and got $10 Off, making my grand total $94.82!  That is a Shopping Score!  $100 vs. $405!!

FYI…the HUGE sale continues through the end of the day today and the door buster coupon (good until 1pm) can be printed on the Macy’s website.  Click “Get Savings Pass” in the left hand column.

With all of that said, the function was very nice and I looked and felt great in my dress that cost less than $20!


3 Responses to “She shopped… She scored!”

  1. Tima June 21, 2009 at 11:49 am #

    Hey Tonya, I love the Father’s Day tips (especially the coupon idea). My husband loved it. Each child gave him 4 “free coupons”. So he gets to enjoy back massages, pedicures, manicures, and “hair styling”. Thanks for the suggestions. I also love, love, love the restaurant at home idea. My kids like to pretend their either taking orders or even ordering. We haven’t done it yet, but look forward to trying it very soon just for fun.

    • mochamom04 June 21, 2009 at 11:02 pm #

      Hello Fatima! I am so glad that Father’s Day went well and that you found the suggestions helpful. I am sure the kids enjoyed making the coupons. The restaurant idea is great! Try it out and let me know how it goes. Tell DaDa “Happy Father’s Day!”

  2. mommy making money lei June 22, 2009 at 5:00 am #

    i think my wife read this post. because thats what she did and i am so very happy.

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