Cha Ching! Even more savings!

25 Jun

I must make a correction to my last post… “Cha Ching!  $70+ Savings!

As I was eating breakfast a few moments ago, it hit me that I actuallly saved more than $70 last night when I went shopping.

When price matching the matched price is entered into the register, so the original price and actual savings aren’t documented on the receipt.  So, I went over my receipt and calculated my savings considering the price matches. My price match items included Kraft Sliced Cheese, Activia Yogurt, Frosted Mini Wheats, Ocean Spray Cranberry, Ocean Spray Grapefruit, London Broil, Cantalope, Cucumber, Pop Secret Popcorn, Oscar Meyer Deli Meat and Oscar Meyer Hot Dogs.

I ended up with another $41.32 in savings!  That means that I actually purchased $142.04 in groceries for a whopping… $28.94, saving $113.10!!!  $28.94 is just plain awesome!!!


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