De-Clutter Your Space Part 2…

20 Jul

Last week I posted some ideas for de-cluttering your home, however, I neglected to include two more ways to de-clutter your space.


  • Throw It away!! In retrospect, this should have been the first suggestion that I gave on the De-Clutter Your Space post.  We definitely hold on to way too much stuff.  Last night I CLEANED my 9 year old daughter’s bedroom.  I ended up with 2 garbage bags full of trash.  She was holding on to every school paper she brought home over the past 2 years, toys from kids meals at various restaurants and fast food joints, favors from birthday parties, pieces of toys and games that are long gone, 2 gazillion sparkly lip glosses and nail polishes, and the list goes on and on and on.  Her room looks like a different place, and it really just took throwing some things away.
  • Junk Mail- Mail and papers can completely take over your life and clutter your space.  My dining room table often looks like a disaster area due to mail, much of it junk.  Get in the habit of throwing unwanted mail away.  Invest in an inexpensive shredder and get rid of mail immediately.
  • Newspapers and Magazines- This one makes me  think of my lovely 95 year old Grandmother who has so many newspapers and magazines in her home that she could be a branch of the Smithsonian!  She has magazines from 1978 on up to the current day.  Magazines are stacked in piles still in the plastic bags.  Now, I know you are thinking, well why doesn’t the family get in there and throw it away.  Well, she won’t allow that!  She puts her foot down and will nearly kick you out if you attempt to clean her house for her.  Get rid of the old magazines and newspapers!  Get a scrapbook for special articles and stop saving the entire paper.
  • Give It Away!! I mentioned “Donations” in the first post, but when I say “Give it away” I mean to someone that you know that may be able to use it and that will appreciate it.  My sister made a comment on the post that made me realize I hadn’t suggested this.  My sister is 3 years younger than I, but way more fashionable, so when she is done with certain items of clothes, then she passes them along.  I frequently feel as if I just finished a shopping spree at The Loft, H&M, The Gap, Old Navy and other stores.  Love You Sangria!!  I’m wearing a pair of your capris right now!

    • Baby items:  Hand-me-downs are great!  I truly appreciate my friends and family members that had children right before me because that means that my little ones get lots of “hand-me-downs”.  A few weeks ago, my cousin gave a bag to me that was full of adorable girl summer clothes, half of them still have tags on them,  Find someone that has children younger than your own, and start passing things down.  You will be able to constantly move things out of your home and help someone else.
    • Schools:  Many schools have clothes closets of some sort.  When I was teaching high school, I would try to have shirts and ties and dress clothes to give to students to wear for interviews.  When I taught elementary school, we had a clothes closet for students in case of emergencies and accidents.  I started collecting clothes to give to students whose families weren’t able to provide their children with new clothes.  Call a local school and speak with a guidance counselor about “adopting” a student and giving them clothes, shoes and other accessories from time to time.
    • Church:  At my church, we have lots of little girls that are within the same age ranges, but vary in size.  Many of the mother’s bring dresses and other clothes to the church and whoever’s child can fit it, takes it!

Hopefully, this two ideas will be helpful in creating a de-cluttered space!  Please post any suggestions or ways that you keep clutter out of your home!


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