Answers to some questions

24 Jul


From Trina:  That is awesome!  How do you know if a store price matches? (Double Coupons and Price Matching!)

Price matching is an idea that more stores are moving towards.  You really have to check with the stores that you frequent to see if they have a price match program.  Since you are in Norfolk, you can take your ads to The GW Market on 21st Street.  They are a part of the Farm Fresh chain.  The Market on Boush Street also advertises that they price match, however, on Monday I found out that they do not price match with any store that requires a card.  I am now disputing this with their corporate office and management because Farm Fresh is the only grocery store chain in this area that does not have a membership card.

Michelle:  That’s amazing Tonya! I would attend a workshop and it should include a couple of trips to the store. lol Which store did u go to? (Double Coupons and Price Matching!)

Thanks Michelle!  We should definitely do a few trips to the store if I did a workshop.  That way everyone can see firsthand how to shop smart and save big! I generally shop at the GW Market.  They have double $1 coupons on Wednesday and they price match.   On this past Wednesday I price matched using these store sales circulars- Kroger, Harris Teeter, Bottom Dollar and Kmart.  I love it!!  Price matching saves me gas and energy because I can do all of my shopping at one store instead of driving all around the city.

Nicole:   hi  ,a friend of mine showed me your blog and i’m addicted…i was wondering does your farm fresh price match? i went to the one near 2nd street in wburg and they said they did not!  (Double Coupons and Price Matching!)

Hello Nicole, thank you for checking out my blog and I love that you are addicted!  That keeps me motivated!  The store that I shop in is a part of the Farm Fresh chain, but it is called The Market.  It is my understanding that some stores do different things depending on who manages or owns it.  It saddens me that they don’t price match, but at least you can take advantage of the double $1 coupon Wednesdays.  Even before price matching, I was saving large amounts of money with the double coupons.  In today’s paper, Farm Fresh has a new sales flyer including a coupon for $10 off of $50, good through Tuesday.  Farm Fresh doubles coupons up to $0.99 everyday.  Walmart price matches also, but they do not offer double coupons.  Write a letter to the owner/manager of Farm Fresh in your area and encourage them to offer a price match program.  I truly believe that stores are starting to see the value in it.  Remember, we have to fight for our right to save!  You can subscribe to my blog by hitting the link on the right hand side “Subscribe to Mochamom04’s Blog by Email”.

Katrina:  Great info! For us working moms, it helps to have the info on savings quick and easily accessible. I need lots of info on coupon shopping. What’s the secret? (About Mochamom04)

The secret is planning ahead.  It takes time, but the payoff is great!!  I now subscribe to the Sunday and Wednesday newspaper.  Sunday to get the coupons and Wednesday to get the grocery store sales flyers.  Make a list of what you need, check the sales flyers to see who has the item(s) on sale, then find coupons for stuff on your list and go SHOP!!!  Remember to look for coupons online too!  My daughter has learned that I rarely buy anything that I don’t have a coupn for and is not on sale.  Meats and produce are the only items that I purchase without a coupon, and sometimes you can find coupons for them.


That’s amazing Tonya! I would attend a workshop and it should include a couple of trips to the store. lol Which store did u go to?

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