My Wednesday Savings!

30 Jul

Wednesday meant shopping day…price matching and coupons.  I didn’t need much this week, but I did want to take advantage of some great sales.

  • Cottonelle 6 pack Double Roll Toilet Paper $3.33 (-$1.00 w/coupon) $2.33
  • 1.91lb Bananas $0.90
  • 0.63lb Asaparagus $2.51 ($3.99lb)
  • Eggo Waffles -Price Matched 2/$3 (-$4.00 w/coupons) Free
  • (2) DanActive 4 pack Yogurt – Price Matched $1.88 each (-$4.00 w/coupons) Free
  • (2) Activia 4 pack Yogurt- Price Matched $1.88 each (-$4.00 w/coupons) Free
  • Gallon of Milk $2.34
  • (2) Dannon Crush Cup Yogurt 4 pack $2.59 (-$4.00 w/coupons) $0.59 each
  • 2lb Snow Crab Legs $5.83
  • (2) Colgate 6.4oz Toothpaste -Price Matched BOGO $2.79 (-$4.00 w/coupons) Free

Total Paid= $15.76 Savings of: $36.40



2 Responses to “My Wednesday Savings!”

  1. Mika July 30, 2009 at 2:26 pm #

    This is a great site. Now, if I can only slow down enough to clip the coupons AND actually take them with me when I go shopping. Are most of these Manufacturer coupons or store coupons? I primarily shop at the commissary and this is by far more savings than I get shopping on base!

    • mochamom04 July 31, 2009 at 3:35 am #

      Mika, I am so glad that you are enjoying my site. I definitely suggest that you take the time to clip the coupons and take them with you to the store. Even if you continue to shop at the commissary, you will save money with coupons. I generally get my coupons from the newspaper, which are the manufacturer coupons, however, I do use store coupons. Remember that most places that offer store coupons allow “stacking”, where you can combine their store coupon with a manufacturer coupon.

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