Look, I saved over $1,500!!!

10 Aug

A few weeks ago I wrote about making purchases for your children a season in advance when things go on sale, well, I ventured out this weekend to take advantage of the tax free weekend and scored some awesome sales.  Thanks to my DH for suggesting that I blog about my savings.  I hadn’t even thought about.

Before I begin to list my purchases and my savings, let me say that I am a “recovered” shop-o-holic!  At one time in life, before becoming a mother of 4 beautiful children, I shopped just because!  I shopped every single Friday- right Kris!  I stalked Target for red tag clearance items and loved Express and NY & Co.  Well folks, I have come a long way, but this weekend I felt the shop-o-holic blood starting to flow!  But it was only a momentary rush, as I am very realistic about my current place in life.  Shopping and saving HUGE, RIDICULOUS amounts of money FEELS SO GOOD!!!


So… I first headed to Kohl’s for their early bird sale on Saturday.  If you aren’t familiar with this store, they usually have really good clearance sales.  I don’t even look at racks that don’t say 50% or more, and really I don’t look at a rack if a clearance sign is not on it.  So I headed to the children’s section on a mission to find a deal,  And I did!  I was only successful in finding things for the twins.  Here is what I purchased.  The original price is listed beside the item and I will give the total paid at the end of the list.

  • Youngland Toddler Dress (4) $18 each
  • Sonoma Toddler Capris $16
  • Cradle Togs 2 Piece Set $24
  • Chaps Tank T-shirt $14
  • Jumping Beans T-shirt $10
  • Baby Q 2 Piece Set $20
  • Blueberi Boulevard Dress (2) $18 each
  • Chaps Dress (2) $32 each
  • Chaps Dress (2) $38 each
  • Osh Kosh Bball Tank $14
  • Osh Kosh Bball Shorts $16

Total = $362

Amount Paid = $91 (A Savings of $271.00)  Not too bad for 8am, but you haven’t seen anything yet!!


Later in the day I went to Dillard’s.  For anyone living in the Hampton Roads area, the Dillard’s at Chesapeake Square Mall is going out of business and everything in the store is DRASTICALLY marked down.  Some as much as 90%.  This is where I hit the jackpot!  Strap on your seatbelt for this one!

Stuff for Moi:

  • Hanes Smooth Illusion Pantyhose (2) $15 each
  • Hue Sole Grips (2) $15 each
  • Dillard’s Sterling Collection Pink Pearl Earrings $30
  • Evan Picone 2 piece Dress Suit $200
  • Le Suit 2 piece Dress Suit $200
  • Kasper 2 piece Dress Suit $200
  • Peter Nygard Jacket $298
  • Peter Nygard Skirt $198

For the kiddies:

  • Class Club 2T Dress Pants $30
  • Infant Winter Hat (2) $8 each
  • Infant Hat and Mitten Set $12
  • Starting Out Toddler T-shirt (3) $12 each
  • Copper Key Toddler Shirt (3) $16 each
  • Starting Out Infant Polo $9.99
  • Junior Shirt (3) $20
  • Small Paul Toddler Long Sleeve Tee $34
  • Nike Toddler Top $23
  • Junior Dress Slip $10
  • Copper Key Junior Shirt $16

Total:  $1,480.99

Amount I paid:  $199    That is a savings of:  $1,281.99!!  Yes, I saved $1,281.99!!!

Now that is what I call SAVINGS!!!  Yes, you can hire me to be your personal shopper!!  Even though I spent about $300 in one day, my DH was not at all upset because I saved so much money!  Now I have to hit the men’s section and score some things for him!!  Happy Savings!!

Total Savings for the day:  $1,552.99

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