Triple Coupons @ Harris Teeter

17 Aug

Triple coupons at Harris Teeter runs until Tuesday.  This is a wonderful opportunity to use those coupons that are less than $1.00 Off.  After checking the Sunday paper for coupons, I went through each section of my coupon book and took out the coupons that were less than $1 and headed to the store.  Going out bargain shopping is a real outlet for me.  I waited until all of the children were down for the night and was accompanied by my God daughter, a newbie to the coupon shopping club.  She got to experience my joy of shopping and saving first hand.  I should have asked her to write this post and share the experience 🙂

Most stores have a coupon limit when doubling, so I had two transactions in order to get the triple coupon promotion.  My total tonight, including both transactions, totaled $88.34, but I paid $19.18.  That’s about a savings of 78%!!

Here’s what I got.  I would include a picture, but my camera’s batteries are dead and I just put them on the charger. Sorry visual people!  I will do better next time:-)

  • Mt. Olive Relish
  • Motts Granny Smith Apple Sauce 6 pack
  • Magic Sizing Spray Starch
  • x3 – Renuzit Adjustable Home Fragrance
  • Hormel Compleats microwavable meal
  • Dole 4pk Fruit in Gel
  • Dole Mandarin Oranges fruit in Jar
  • French’s Spicy Brown Mustard
  • French’s Classic Mustard
  • French’s Worcestershire sauce
  • x3 Van Camp’s Beans
  • Harris Teeter Organic Raisins 6 pack
  • Lady Speed Stick 24/7
  • Speed Stick for Men Pro Clean
  • Crest Whitening Expressions Toothpaste
  • J&J Mint Floss
  • Sargento Salad Finishers
  • Promise Spread
  • x2- Pillsbury Crescent Rolls
  • Sunny Delight
  • Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaner Gel
  • x2 Dawn Detergent
  • x2- Pillsbury Toaster Strudel
  • Blue Bunny Ice Cream

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