Save $10 at

19 Aug

Shop at JCPenney?  Well, if so, here is a coupon code to use for online shopping.  The coupon is for $10 off of $10.  In essence, you can purchase something that costs $10 and just pay shipping.   Not bad at all!  Remember to register with Ebates and get cash back!  Ebates offers 5% cash back for shopping at JCP.  The coupon code is:  GET4BTS

I also received a postcard in the mail today for $10 off of $25.  You will have to use it online, which will end up being like the offer above, but I thought I would share.  The coupon code is:  GO2CLASS.  The coupon can be used through August 22, 2009.

Remember to register your email and mailing address so that you will receive special promtions and coupons in the future.  You don’t want to miss out on savings!  Coupons are important at the Department stores too!!

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