Where’s the Beef??

16 Sep

This is what saving money blogs are all about!  I was so excited yesterday as I left the grocery store.  Here is exactly what took place yesterday afternoon. Harris Teeter had Porterhouse and T-Bone Steaks on sale for $3.99lb, well you know I frequent one grocery store and price match.  So my brother and I made a quick run to the Market to pick up a few steaks on the last day of the sale.

My brother loves steaks more than me, so his eyes grew very large when he gazed at the fresh meats in the display case.  I browsed the package meats and picked up several Porterhouse and T-Bone steaks.  My brother requested a rather huge Porterhouse steak, something straight from the Flintstones!  The steaks were priced at $11.99lb.  The steak from the case weighed almost 1.5lb and was priced at $17.63.  We picked up several other items and headed to the registers.

I get a slight rush when I am at the cash register watching my prices shrink. Okay, so here is how the prices dropped right before our eyes with the price match:

  • Porterhouse $17.63…$5.86
  • Porterhouse $12.35…$4.10IMG_4032
  • T-Bone $11.75…$3.91
  • T-Bone $9.95…$3.31
  • T-Bone $9.83…$3.27
  • T-Bone $11.27…$3.75
  • T-Bone $10.43…$3.47
  • T-Bone $10.19…$3.39

8 T-Bone and Porterhouse Steaks for $31.07!!  A savings of… $62.33!!!  These are the same size steaks that you would pay more than $20 for at a restaurant!

So when Grandma asks… We can answer…





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