Wonderful Wednesday Savings!

17 Sep

It’s Wednesday again, and that means grocery shopping day!  My family has been so busy lately, that I have not been able to dedicate the necessary time to shopping and saving.  Like previous weeks, I didn’t make it to the grocery store until after 10pm.  The Market closes at 11pm, meaning I had less than 1 hour to shop.  I did what I could do with the time I had left.  I am so grateful that there are such nice people working at the Market where I shop.  Hopefully Jesse stops by the blog.  He is one of my favorite people at the Market, and frequently has the honor of checking me out:-)  Believe me, it takes a patient person to check me out due to the fact that more than half of my groceries are price match and I generally have a handful of coupons too!  Tonight Jesse and Michelle checked me out and waved goodbye with a smile on their faces.  Thanks for putting up with me:-)

Well, here is a list of my groceries and my savings.  I need to start taking pictures again…they give a much better “picture” of what I purchased.

  • Success Jasmine Rice
  • x10 Green Giant Canned Veggies
  • x3 Kraft Mac & Cheese
  • x2 Meullers Pasta
  • x2 Kellogg’s Pop Tarts 12 count
  • Berio Olive Oil
  • x2 Nabisco Oreo Cookies
  • Thomas English Muffins
  • x4 Capri Suns 10 count
  • 2.06lb Bananas
  • 1.01lb Fresh Green Beans
  • x6 Del Monte Natural Fruit Cups
  • Fresh Express Salad
  • x2 Eggo Waffles 10count
  • DiGiorno’s Pizza
  • Gallon Milk
  • Half Gallon Orange Juice
  • Half Gallon Silk Soy Milk
  • x2 Dannon Crush Cup Yogurt 4count
  • YoPlait Delights

Total before coupons $105.18

Total Amount Paid:  $38.27

I still have quite a few items to purchase tomorrow, but tonight I was able to knock quite a things off of my list.  Tomorrow, I will visit Harris Teeter and take advantage of Triple Coupons.  More adventures in saving to come!  Doesn’t saving taste so sweet??  Yum!!

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5 Responses to “Wonderful Wednesday Savings!”

  1. blissbait September 17, 2009 at 9:41 pm #

    What a nice service you provide.

    Thank You.

    May All Beings Be Happy.

  2. Jesse September 22, 2009 at 12:20 am #

    I have indeed stopped by your blog. 🙂 I’m impressed with how professional it looks!

    I can see a little how you would think you require a lot of patience, but it’s a lot less than you let on, honestly. I can be so smiley and friendly with you because -you- are smiley and friendly and I tend to feed off other people’s energies and return them. I was actually in a surprisingly awful mood when you came in the night this post is about (partly mad at Michelle, even), but by the time we were done checking you out, the smile on my face that you mention was real. It’s always a pleasure to serve you because it doesn’t feel like a chore to me — you’re very positive and we can laugh and joke about the experience, which gives me a lot of positive energy to feed off of. So thank you for that, and for making that night a bit better.

    • mochamom04 September 22, 2009 at 12:40 am #

      Jesse, you just put a huge smile on my face. I am so glad that you stopped by:-) Please drop by anytime. I never would have known you were in a bad mood that night. It’s always a pleasure to see you and come through your line. I will be seeing you soon! Thanks for everything Jesse!

  3. Michael Bowman September 22, 2009 at 12:36 pm #

    Im so glad that you post these blogs! They help me to save so much money! Thank you so much mochamom04!

    • mochamom04 September 22, 2009 at 12:38 pm #

      Thank you Michael! It always make me feel good to know that my blog is helping someone else save some $$$. Hopefully you will subscribe and get your daily sip of savings!

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