Victoria’s Secret Panty Sale Ends TODAY (Monday)

28 Sep

I absolutely love the panties at Victoria’s Secret.  They are running a sale of 7 panties for $25!  Sounds great especially since these same panties retail for $7.50-$10.50 each.  Well, if you register to become a member of Pink Nation, they will sweeten the deal.  Buy 7 for $25 and get 3 free!  That’s a total of 10 pair for $25!  The sale ends today, so join Pink Nation by clicking HERE and print out the coupon for 10 for $25.  You can even purchase them online!!

No coupon needed to take advantage of the 7/$25 sale!

Remember the sale ends TODAY, Monday, September 28th!

Joining Pink Nation is a great way to get freebies and great money saving coupons!  In the past month or 2 I have gotten about 4 free pairs of panties!  Wonderful!!!

Membership Benefits

  • Ongoing offers & freebies
  • A sneak peek at the latest PINK goods
  • A-list access to PINK events
  • Never before seen pics & flicks

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