Savings at Victoria’s Secret

29 Sep

Hopefully, some of you took advantage of the huge panty sale at Victoria’s Secret.  I ended making it to the mall just in time to pick up 11 pair of cute Victoria’s Secret PINK panties.  The store was running a sale for 7/$25 Panties.  PINK Nation members were offered 10/$25 Panties and I had a coupon for a free panty that they sent in the mail.  In the end, I purchased a total of 11 pair of panties for $26!  That is crazy!  Before discounts and freebies, the total for the 11 panties was $100!  Can you believe that?  I would NEVER EVER think of paying $100 for 11 panties!  Are they crazy!!  But thanks for PINK Nation, I have added 11 cute pieces to my drawer!  Yeah VS!!!!

These aren’t the ones I purchased last night, I found this pic online…but you get the point.  I did get several of the same ones that are in this picture!!


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