Grocery Store Sales: Bloom

4 Nov

Well, I haven’t ever shopped at Bloom, but I think I may pay them a visit.  They are a relatively new chain in my area.  Do you shop Bloom?

  • $0.89 Iceburg Lettuce
  • $0.99lb Vine Ripe Cluster Tomatoes=
  • $0.99lb Honey Crisp Apples
  • BOGO Cap’n Crunch Cereal
  • 2/$3 Bloom Bacon
  • BOGO Doritos
  • 10/$10 Knorr Pasta or Rice Sides
  • 2/$3 Bloom Apple Sauce 6pk
  • 2/$4 Bertolli Pasta Sauce
  • BOGO Duke’s Mayonnaise
  • $1.69 Bloom Canned Yams
  • $0.95 Marshmellows
  • $0.49 Cucumbers
  • $0.99lb Red or White Onions
  • BOGO 41-50 Raw Shrimp

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