Thrift Store Shopping…

9 Nov

Do you shop at your local thrift or second hand stores?  Well, if you don’t, maybe you should consider it.  I recently visited a thrift store in my local area and found a basket full of great stuff.  I was really excited about my purchases when I left and had I given myself a higher spending limit, I would have left with even more great stuff.

So, what did I find?  Well, I am a die hard shopper and budgeting has affected my shopping habit.  Since we are an one income family of six, I cannot hit the malls and shop like I once did.  I totally miss the adrenaline rush of finding something cute on the rack and taking it home with me.  I had to find something to give me a shopping fix every now and then.  So recently I decided I would check out this local thrift store for a “fix”.  This particular store is as large as a department store and set up very nice.  (When I lived in Williamsburg, VA I frequented two thrift stores and would find wonderful new or gently used name brand and designer clothing; a benefit of getting used clothes donated by people living in ritzy neighborhoods.)

The store didn’t have a funny smell and I didn’t feel like I was at a bad rummage sale. So I strolled around with an open mind. I started in the pants/jeans aisle…yes, they have it sectioned off by items and sizes, just like Marshalls or something like that. I came across cute jeans from H&M, GAP, Calvin Klein, Aerie, Banana Republic…and the jeans were like $2.49-$6.00. I picked up two pairs of jeans and went on into other sections. In the sweater section I racked up. I filled my cart with about 15 sweaters. All cute! The same style and color sweaters that I would pick up in the department stores. I headed to the dressing rooms…yes, they have dressing rooms with an attendant- I am sure she is there just to make sure folks aren’t stealing. She didn’t offer to go pick up another size for you! LOL

I tried everything on, apprehensively because I am really funny about trying things on, but I said a prayer and went ahead. Long story short… I am sure some of you are saying that I have already passed the short story point… I ended up heading to the register with 10 very cute sweaters for under $20!  Come on now!!


Here is a breakdown of some of the brands and prices:

  • Old Navy (tan v-neck) $1.49
  • Xhilaration (darkest green) $0.75
  • JCrew (Pink Cashmere, yes CASHMERE) $1.49
  • GAP (hot pink cable knit) $3.99
  • Aeropostale (light green) $1.49

If you know me personally and have seen me recently, you have probably seen me wearing the GAP hot pink cable knit sweater.  I have fallen in love with that sweater and wear it all of the time! 🙂

The other 5 are very nice sweaters, but I wasn’t familiar with the brand name.  Ten sweaters for under $20…it is worth a trip to your local thrift store!  Shop for clothes, housewares, books, art, furniture and more. If you watch shows like Design on a Dime, you will notice they always go to the thrift stores and find wonderful items.  Don’t miss out on great items because you are too proud to shop in the thrift store!

If you live in the Norfolk area, check out Thrift Store USA on Little Creek Road.


2 Responses to “Thrift Store Shopping…”

  1. poverty_dieter November 10, 2009 at 3:47 am #

    10 sweaters for $20! You are soooo on the poverty diet, just like me! I know what you mean about the thrift store smell…yuk. But, you can always launder things after you buy them, right? You scored with all those sweaters! Inspiration!

  2. systems_trading November 24, 2009 at 7:33 am #

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