Valentine’s Day Ideas, Volume 1

10 Feb

They say “love don’t cost a thing”, but somehow, people go for broke on Valentine’s Day!  The average lover, spends almost $7o bucks on Valentine’s Day.  Flowers, Cards, Candy are the traditional gifts.  Florists see this time of year as an opportunity to rake in the dough as roses rise from $19 a dozen to $50!  With the current economic situation it is clearly more sensible to purchase practical gifts.  Don’t get me wrong, I love flowers, but I would much rather have something like will last or that I can use if my DH is going to spend $50.

Want to show how much you love someone?  Well, spending a lot of money probably is not the way to do it!  Gifts that are personal, usable and practical are a much smarter and more loving option for love birds today!  Think about your significant other…What things do they enjoy? What really makes them smile?  Dig down deep into your heart and your creative bag and pull out a gift that is sure to say, “I love You”, rather than, “I spent a lot” or “I’m broke!”

Here are a few fun, creative and lovable gift ideas that won’t break the bank!

  • Create a card- This is a fun and creative idea that is truly customizable.  You can write a love poem or just express your feelings.  Draw pictures, make a collage from pictures.  Not artistic, make an e-card or use a free online computer program.  Print it out and there you go!

  • Send an e-card- There are many websites that allow you to send FREE e-cards.  There is nothing like opening an email and seeing that you have received a sweet e-card…hint, hint to my DH!  Just google search “free Valentine’s Day cards” and go from there.  I like to use Hallmark personally, but there are many others!
  • Scrapbook- Now this is something that I love and did more often when I had more time.  Get an inexpensive scrapbook and create a personalized gift for your sweetheart.  Use pictures of the two of you taken throughout your relationship or during a certain time.  It will be a big hit and will be a book of memories that you can keep forever.
  • Make something- there are numerous websites out there with Valentine’s Day crafts.  Google it for.  HERE is a neat website I came across with crafts for the entire family!  The kids want to give and get gifts too!   This idea is great for grandparents.  What grandmother wouldn’t melt when she got a custom, personalized gift from the grandkids?  It would mean SO MUCH MORE than some box of chocolates from Walmart!

Be on the lookout for Volume 2…Sexy Valentine’s Day Ideas!


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