Valentine’s Day Ideas: Volume 2

11 Feb

Volume 1, was for the creative and crafty.  Volume 2 is for someone looking for sexy Valentine’s Day ideas.  Being a mommy of 4 little children, my DH and I don’t get to have too many “sexy” Valentine’s Days with each other.  But some of you may be able to have some alone time after bubble baths, bedtime stories and lights out.

  • Candle Light Dinner for 2– How about a candle lit dinner for you and your spouse or significant other?  Set the table with some candles and then eat.  The ambiance created by the candle light will be enough to set the romantic mood, even if you are eating left overs!  If you are fixing a fancy meal, consider creating an invitation and dress up.  Where a sexy dress or even lingerie and enjoy!

  • A twist on Dinner for 2– Get a blanket and have dinner on the floor by candle light.  Pull out that picnic basket or your t.v. dinners!  You could even just do fruit.  There is something sexy about feeding each other grapes and strawberries!  You and your love bug can stretch out just like you are at the park under the stars.  There is something special about that change of scenery.
  • Bubbly and sweet treats– this is a simple, but very sexy idea.  Get your favorite bubbly (champagne, sparkly wine, or a cider), chocolates and strawberries.  If you are very creative, you can inject the strawberries with your bubbly and dip in melted chocolate.
  • Love Coupons– Now you know I am a coupon crazed person, so this suggestion shouldn’t surprise you!  Get on your computer and create a coupon booklet for your loved one.  Some suggestions may be- entitle to 1 free massage, entitles you to one hour of…  You can go from there!  Be creative and have fun with it.  Decorate them with hearts or even kisses.

  • Body Art– One can of whipped cream is all you will need… That’s all I will say about that!
  • Create a card game– After dinner, when the kids have been put to bed pull out piece of paper and cut it into little pieces.   Both of you will fill out 4 or 5 cards with a dare or action of some sort.  Place them in a jar, shake them up, and take turns picking.  Whatever your card says, you must do, even if it is one that you wrote.  ( My suggestion would be to precut the pieces and have everything you need ready)
  • Dance the night away– Create a CD (or use your iPod/MP3 player) with favorite slow jams, turn the lights down low and dance the night away.
  • Massages– Take turns giving each other massages.  Light a candle, get the Johnson’s baby oil off the dresser:-) and massage away!  Of course you can use actual massage oils, I just know for most moms, that Johnson’s is never too far away:-)

Ladies visit The Nest for an article on ways to Look and Feel Hotter & Sexier this Valentine’s Day!


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