28 Apr

Hello All!  It has been almost a month since my last post.  I must say that I have been struggling to make my way back to my blog.  I have a love for writing and a definite passion for saving money, but I think I lost my energy somewhere along the way.   There are thousands of stay at home moms that write blogs about saving money, coupons and freebies and I believe I was feeling like a very small fish, in a very large tank.  I felt as if I was struggling just to stay afloat.  So what will I do next?  Well, I have gotten quite a few emails asking about the weekly grocery store deals, so I will try to post them weekly.  Warm weather means free stuff… I will definitely pass along any freebies or cool deals that come my way.

Over the next couple of weeks I will refocus and hopefully come up with an action plan for my blog.  Maybe I am over thinking the whole thing.  I have used Facebook as a method to mini blog about my children.  Maybe I will start to write about the so very comical things that take place in my home with my 4 children.

Until I decide, I will post good stuff when I see it.  Thanks for not leaving me… Thanks for the emails…. Thanks for the encouragement!  I do appreciate it!!


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