Take Advantage of Reduced Items

8 Jun

On Friday I had a great experience at Harris Teeter.  After a rehearsal at church, my daughter and I ran into Target and Harris Teeter.  As we strolled through the store I noticed yellow stickers on some of the meat, so I took a closer look.  The meat was turkey breast tenderloin and they were marked for reduced sale because their sell date was quickly approaching.  The yellow sticker was for $4 off of the price, which was $8.99.  I picked one up because $4.99 isn’t a bad price for a tenderloin.  When we checked out, the turkey rang up $8.99, but the Vic card took $5 off, making it $3.99.  Once the $4 coupon was applied, Harris Teeter owed me a penny back!  Not bad!  Needless to say, I went back and cleared the shelf of all turkey breast tenderloins with the yellow sticker.  After all was said and done, I purchased 9 turkey tenderloins which would have been $81 for around $0.14…Yes, 14 cents!!!  I just paid tax!

Several weeks ago while visiting my mother, I went to Farm Fresh to pick up items for breakfast.  They had reduced pork chops.  I got a family pack of pork chops for less than $3.  Again, a wonderful buy!  Not as good as free, but still good!

The earlier or later you go to the store, depending on the store,  the more likely you are to take advantage of manager mark downs.  Check the dates, make sure the meat still looks fresh and then buy it.  I froze all 9 of the turkey tenderloins and will bake them over the next few months.


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