Disappointing Experience

9 Jun

Last night I ran out to do a little grocery shopping at Harris Teeter and The Market, which is a Farm Fresh chain.  As usual, I circled the items I wanted in the flyer, gathered coupons and was on my way.

At Harris Teeter, I ended up picking up things that were not on my list and spending slightly more I anticipated.  The cashier was so shocked that I didn’t have a handful of coupons and that my bill was over $20.  But I did save a little and was on my way to The Market at Harbour Heights.  This particular grocery store is in downtown Norfolk bypass another Market to shop at the downtown store.  I have been shopping there ever since I learned that they doubled dollar coupons daily!  That was such a plus and made driving a little further out worth the trip.

I browsed the store, picked up some items and headed for the cash register.  75% of the items in my basket were only picked up because I had coupons that would double.  I was talking with the cashier and looking for a $5 off coupon and didn’t pay much attention to the coupons nor the total, which is uncharacteristic of me, but I was distracted.  When I was on the elevator heading to the parking garage, I was hit with the reality that I paid $39, more than the estimated total that was in my head for my purchases.

I went back to the store and asked the cashier about the coupons and why they didn’t double.  She then informed me that they stopped doubling $1 coupons almost 2 weeks ago.  My heart broke!  I couldn’t believe it.  I was actually contemplating returning everything except for the two or three things that I had on my list to get from that store, but I did not.  This morning I am again contemplating taking things back and getting a refund.  My sister jokes me all of the time, saying that I am the only person she knows that takes things back to a grocery store.  The customer service agent ended up giving a 10% discount and 2 items rang up wrong, so they credited me for those items.  I still ended up paying several dollars more than I would have with the double coupons.

Unfortunately, I will not be shopping at the downtown store much anymore.  There is no point.  I pass a Market that is less than 5 minutes from my house to shop downtown.  Now there is no point in driving downtown.  I think I am back to Wednesday shopping if I must buy something from Farm Fresh…that is when they double dollar coupons.

With the economy the way it is, you would think that the grocery store chain would be doing everything possible to keep and build customer clientele.  I am going to write the company and share my frustrations.  I know I am not the only one.  I think I will be doing my shopping at Kroger and Harris Teeter now.  I am starting to feel as if Farm Fresh doesn’t want my business, nor do they value me as a customer.  I also would like to have their policies in writing.  First it was the price matching at the Market in Ghent, now the double coupons downtown…I’m not a happy shopper!


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