A Few Changes

12 Mar

I just updated the “About MochaMom04” section.  I thought I would share.

Thank you for stopping by my blog.  I truly am honored by your presence, especially since there are SO many blogs in cyberspace.

A little about me… My name is Tonya and when I started my blog I was a stay at home wife and mother of four wonderful children, three daughters and a son.  I absolutely love being a mommy and wife to Sam.

Well…I am still a wife and mother, however I am no longer at home!  I went back to work in the summer of 2010.    I am now very busy with work  (I teach high school), my family, my church (my hubby is the Pastor) and somewhere in there I attempt to get some “me time”, which generally means…shopping!

So for anyone browsing my page, you will notice the DRASTIC change in my posts.  I went from posting weekly…to every now and then!  The focus of my blog was saving money and how to get things free…how to cut your grocery bill…The name of my blog was “A Sip of Savings with MochaMom04.”   This used to be a part of the About MochaMom04 blurb “I have always been frugal and shopped a sale, but after giving birth to three children in two years and going from two incomes to one…I have become a bargain obsessed woman on a mission to save money!  My husband says that I have an addiction:-)  I attempt to save money everywhere that I go!  I am here to share my secrets and successes of saving with you!  If I come across it, I will share it.”

I am still crazy about sales and shopping…but when I went back to work, my extra time to write and research savings diminished.  My focus has changed somewhat now.  I still want to share my savings and tips on how to be a better “steward” of your finances, but I want to also just write about things that are on my mind…things I go through…and just random STUFF!  I will not be writing everyday, but hopefully I will post something weekly.  I truly miss writing and interacting with the world!

So…welcome to the new blog!  I can’t wait to share all kinds of stuff with you!  I will add a few new posts about my JCP finds.

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