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Thrift Store Shopping

1 Jul

Recently I was sucked into a local thrift store by the bright signs in the window advertising that all clothes were $1.  I could not just pass by without taking a peek inside.  I ventured inside that store with my toddler twin daughters, my nephew and niece.  It was a blistering hot day, and the store was just slightly cooler than outside.

This particular thrift store always catches my eye as I drive pass because of the color themed window displays.

I immediately found several things that I liked and figured I would be able to fit.  I purchased 13 items of clothes for myself, 3 for the twins and 4 for my son.  I ended up spending around $28, $1 for each article of clothing and very cute United Colors of Benetton bag that was under $10.  Among my finds were several Ann Taylor and Calvin Klein pieces which were very nice. 

Shopping in the thrift stores are great!  You can feed your need to shop, spend a limited amount of money and add to your wardrobe.  I suggest you look into thrift and consignment shops in your area.  If you live in the Hampton Roads area, there are quite a few that are nice.  Some specifically carry children’s clothing and others have a wide range of items that vary from clothing, housewares, furniture to home decor.  I do believe in the phrase that someone else’s junk can be another’s treasure.


2 Day Sale at Old Navy

1 May



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20% Off Clearance at OshKosh B’Gosh

11 Feb

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Kids and Baby Sale + Free Shipping at Old Navy

5 Feb

Semi-Annual Kids and Baby Sale starts TODAY!

Get Free Shipping on any Kids, Baby or Maternity purchase of $50 or more.  Use coupon code:  ONGIVE50.  Expires 2/18.

Remember if you shop online to go through Ebates and get cash back!

Winter Sales Shopping!

1 Feb

Recently I wrote about shopping now for next Fall and Winter.  Well, I have been doing some shopping for the kids.  I visited some of my favorite stores; Target, Children’s Place and Old Navy and WOW did I save big!  I want to share some of my savings with you!  My last shopping trip was on Friday at Children’s Place.  I received a message about a huge in-store sale where the winter clearance was $2.99 and $3.99.  All of the clearance winter items sizes 0-4T were $2.99 and clothing 5 on up were $3.99.

Here is what I purchased!  For the twins-size 24mos & 3T:  4 sets of 2 piece pajamas, 4 winter hats, 2 pr of mittens, 6 sweaters and 3 long sleeved shirts.  For my 2 year old son I was purchasing size 3T for next winter.  2 winter hats, 2 sweaters, 2 jackets, 4 thermal long sleeve t-shirts, 1 long sleeve graphic tee, 1 sweatshirt/hoodie & 3 pairs of pants.  My oldest daughter will be in size 10/12 next fall/winter and the pickings were slim for her.  She got 2 sweaters, velour pants, velour skirt & 2 long sleeve t-shirts.

I added everything up according to the tags and my final cost would have been $478.50 if everything was regular price.  I had a $40 Place Perks points check and a coupon for 10% off, so I ended up paying $77.00 out of pocket.  40+ items of clothing for next fall/winter, for $77!  Can’t beat that!!  My combined clearance shopping at several stores was less than what my total should have been at Children’s Place.  That makes me happy!!

The clothes that I purchased from Target and Old Navy were equally as exciting, but they have already been space bagged and put away.  I have practically purchased the staples for next fall/winter.  I still have to find clearance coats and shoes, then I will be done!  Get on out there and shop the clearance sales.  As the spring fashions are stocked, the winter clothes must go.  Take advantage of the huge discounts.  I apologize for not getting the word out for the sale Friday! I was out and about and not able to write a post in time.

I will be sharing new coupon codes and retail store sales throughout the week!

Happy Birthday to ME!!!!

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1 Oct

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Victoria’s Secret Panty Sale Ends TODAY (Monday)

28 Sep

I absolutely love the panties at Victoria’s Secret.  They are running a sale of 7 panties for $25!  Sounds great especially since these same panties retail for $7.50-$10.50 each.  Well, if you register to become a member of Pink Nation, they will sweeten the deal.  Buy 7 for $25 and get 3 free!  That’s a total of 10 pair for $25!  The sale ends today, so join Pink Nation by clicking HERE and print out the coupon for 10 for $25.  You can even purchase them online!!

No coupon needed to take advantage of the 7/$25 sale!

Remember the sale ends TODAY, Monday, September 28th!

Joining Pink Nation is a great way to get freebies and great money saving coupons!  In the past month or 2 I have gotten about 4 free pairs of panties!  Wonderful!!!

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