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Norfolk Harborfest this weekend

11 Jun

This weekend is the 34th Annual Norfolk Harborfest®,
Hampton Roads’ Largest Dock Party
34 years of festival traditions are celebrated on land as well as on the river!

Location: Town Point Park, Downtown Norfolk, Virginia
Date: June 11-13, 2010
Time: Friday: Noon – 11 pm
Saturday: Noon -11 pm
Sunday: Noon – 6 pm

Fireworks Spectacular! Saturday, June 12th 9:30p

Water Park

New for 2010 is the Norfolk Harborfest Water Park! The Water Park will be located in the Nauticus Forecourt and will be open on Sunday, June 13, 2010.

The Water Park will feature fun slip n’ slides, water balloon toss, super soakers, baby wading pools, sprinkers and much more.

Enjoy this great way to cool off the family.

Visit the official website for all information pertaining to this event:  HERE


Kids Bowl Free ALL Summer!!

11 Jun

Summer vacation has already started for some lucky school goers and others will start their break within the next week or so.  My daughter goes until June 21st thanks to the snow days earlier in the year.  As a parent, I know first hand the difficulties of finding inexpensive activities to keep our children busy during the summer.  I love the free bowling and free movie programs that run throughout the summers.  Check out and register your little people (age 15 and under) for free bowling all summer long.  With this particular program, your children can enjoy 2 free games daily throughout the summer months-ending September 19, 2010!

To learn more on how the program works, click HERE!

Valentine’s Day Ideas: Volume 3

11 Feb

Volume 3…three’s a charm!  Well, the charm for today is the family.  Valentine’s Day is about love, and family is love.  We can’t leave the kids out!  So here are fun and inexpensive (or FREE) ideas to spread love to the entire family on Valentine’s Day!

  • Create cards for each other:  This can be done early, like today.  What you use is up to you, but this is a great opportunity to pull out the colored construction paper,markers, crayons,  glitter, glue, silly line scissors, ribbons, doillies, Popsicle sticks and school pics.   This is a unique way to spread love and spend some fun quality time together.   On Valentine’s Day everyone exchanges their homemade cards.
  • Most young people today have emails and cell phones.  Send your son or daughter a Valentine’s Day text message or e-card.
  • Tasty Treats- Valentine’s Day is a time to be extra sweet and share the love.  Bake cookies that are cut in the shape of hearts, bake cup cakes and design them with pink, red and white frosting, bake a heart shaped cake, cut pb and j sandwiches into hearts.  It is guaranteed to bring a smile to the face of the one eating it!  As an added bonus, have the family bake and cook together.  Kids love stirring and licking the bowl and spoon.  Include them in on the fun and it will be something that they are bound to remember for a long time.

  • Give flowers- My daughter gets so excited when her dad comes in the house from work with a flower fo r her.  It is usually a daisy or something like that, but it means the WORLD to her!  She grabs a vase and puts it in water immediately.  So on V-day, give flowers…especially fathers, give your daughters flowers and make them feel very special and valuable!
  • Notes- Valentine’s Day 2010 falls on a Sunday so most of us won’t have a chance to drop a note in a lunch box/bag, but remember it for the future.  Think of how your child would feel opening his/her lunch bag and finding a sweet note wrapped with the sandwich:-)  Other notes- sticky note on the fridge, shaving cream note on the mirror…
  • Send a card- Kids love getting mail.  My daughter even loves getting junk mail.  Pick up a card from a local store…one of the $0.49 Hallmarks will do, write a sweet note in it and mail it to your child.  They will be so surprised to get mail.
  • Romantic Dinner- Tell your kids that you are going to have a fancy dinner.  Have everyone dress up and be down in the kitchen or living room at a specific time.  Light candles, have music playing and have a romantic dinner for the entire family.  I think it would be cute to pull out the “good plates”, linen napkins and let them drink from wine glasses.   Pancakes would be a hit in my house.  You could fix their favorite meal, order take out or pizza and just enjoy time together.  The important thing is that the whole family is sitting together for a meal.  You can still light candles with pizza! 🙂
  • Say “I Love You”- this one may seem simple, but when was the last time you genuinely told your child/children that you love them?  When was the last time you gave them a tight hug or a sweet kiss?  Take a moment to just show love, by saying it and showing it!

No matter what you do this Valentine’s Day, just be sure to share love!

I give you a new commandment: that you should love one another. Just as I have loved you, so you too should love one another.
John 13: 34

80% Off at

11 Feb

Thanks to Moneysavingmethods for posting this offer.  This is a great way to get money off at a restaurant.

Right now, you can get a $25 Gift Certificate 80% Off, which comes to $2!  As a bonus, they are giving  a $15 FTD reward as a gift for purchasing.   Use coupon code HEART at checkout.

To find out what restaurants are participating in your area, simply enter your zip code.  Be sure to read all of the terms before purchasing.  Most have minimum purchase requirements, so read, read, read.

Don’t forget that whenever you shop online, you can get “free money”.

Ebates offers 15% back for shopping online at & Mr. Rebates for 28% back.

You can purchase one today, print it out and use it for Valentine’s Day dinner!  Now that’s right on time!!

Lowes Build and Grow Clinic

23 Jan

Looking for an activity for your child this weekend?  How about some arts and crafts?  Lowes is having a Build and Grow Clinic tomorrow January 23rd from 10-11am.  They will be making a Tic-Tac-Toe board!

Upcoming Clinics:

Jewelry Organizer Saturday February 13th 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM
Lowebot Saturday February 27th 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM

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1 Oct

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Free Redbox Movies

1 Oct

Try these RedBox codes for free movie rentals. Remember to return the movie by 9pm the next day to avoid the $1 per night charge. Each code can be used once per credit card. Promtional codes are: KRJX6M3, RXGVGMV, 9H2VEE27 (this code is valid at Hy-Vee locations only) and DVDATWAG.