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Thrift Store Shopping

1 Jul

Recently I was sucked into a local thrift store by the bright signs in the window advertising that all clothes were $1.  I could not just pass by without taking a peek inside.  I ventured inside that store with my toddler twin daughters, my nephew and niece.  It was a blistering hot day, and the store was just slightly cooler than outside.

This particular thrift store always catches my eye as I drive pass because of the color themed window displays.

I immediately found several things that I liked and figured I would be able to fit.  I purchased 13 items of clothes for myself, 3 for the twins and 4 for my son.  I ended up spending around $28, $1 for each article of clothing and very cute United Colors of Benetton bag that was under $10.  Among my finds were several Ann Taylor and Calvin Klein pieces which were very nice. 

Shopping in the thrift stores are great!  You can feed your need to shop, spend a limited amount of money and add to your wardrobe.  I suggest you look into thrift and consignment shops in your area.  If you live in the Hampton Roads area, there are quite a few that are nice.  Some specifically carry children’s clothing and others have a wide range of items that vary from clothing, housewares, furniture to home decor.  I do believe in the phrase that someone else’s junk can be another’s treasure.


Disappointing Experience

9 Jun

Last night I ran out to do a little grocery shopping at Harris Teeter and The Market, which is a Farm Fresh chain.  As usual, I circled the items I wanted in the flyer, gathered coupons and was on my way.

At Harris Teeter, I ended up picking up things that were not on my list and spending slightly more I anticipated.  The cashier was so shocked that I didn’t have a handful of coupons and that my bill was over $20.  But I did save a little and was on my way to The Market at Harbour Heights.  This particular grocery store is in downtown Norfolk bypass another Market to shop at the downtown store.  I have been shopping there ever since I learned that they doubled dollar coupons daily!  That was such a plus and made driving a little further out worth the trip.

I browsed the store, picked up some items and headed for the cash register.  75% of the items in my basket were only picked up because I had coupons that would double.  I was talking with the cashier and looking for a $5 off coupon and didn’t pay much attention to the coupons nor the total, which is uncharacteristic of me, but I was distracted.  When I was on the elevator heading to the parking garage, I was hit with the reality that I paid $39, more than the estimated total that was in my head for my purchases.

I went back to the store and asked the cashier about the coupons and why they didn’t double.  She then informed me that they stopped doubling $1 coupons almost 2 weeks ago.  My heart broke!  I couldn’t believe it.  I was actually contemplating returning everything except for the two or three things that I had on my list to get from that store, but I did not.  This morning I am again contemplating taking things back and getting a refund.  My sister jokes me all of the time, saying that I am the only person she knows that takes things back to a grocery store.  The customer service agent ended up giving a 10% discount and 2 items rang up wrong, so they credited me for those items.  I still ended up paying several dollars more than I would have with the double coupons.

Unfortunately, I will not be shopping at the downtown store much anymore.  There is no point.  I pass a Market that is less than 5 minutes from my house to shop downtown.  Now there is no point in driving downtown.  I think I am back to Wednesday shopping if I must buy something from Farm Fresh…that is when they double dollar coupons.

With the economy the way it is, you would think that the grocery store chain would be doing everything possible to keep and build customer clientele.  I am going to write the company and share my frustrations.  I know I am not the only one.  I think I will be doing my shopping at Kroger and Harris Teeter now.  I am starting to feel as if Farm Fresh doesn’t want my business, nor do they value me as a customer.  I also would like to have their policies in writing.  First it was the price matching at the Market in Ghent, now the double coupons downtown…I’m not a happy shopper!

Farm Fresh Specials 6/9-6/15

9 Jun
  • $0.88lb Perdue Oven Stuffer Roasters
  • $1.99lb Asparagus
  • BOGO Cantalope
  • $3.98 Seedless Watermelons
  • Free Fresh Express Salad (Sign-up at Enter Promo code: FREESALAD)
  • BOGO Arm & Hammer Detergent
  • BOGO Doritos Chips
  • 2/$1 Libby’s Veggies
  • $1.48lb Peaches
  • $0.98lb Yellow Squash or Zucchini
  • $0.98lb Fresh Green Beans
  • $0.38lb Fresh Cabbage
  • $0.69lb Sweet Potatoes
  • Offer for Save $10 on your next shopping trip with the purchase of $25 in participating items (see flyer)

Harris Teeter 6/9-6/15

9 Jun

Highlights from the Harris Teeter 6/9-6/15 advertisement:

  • $0.59lb Fresh Whole Fryer Chicken
  • BOGO Strawberries or Blueberries
  • $4.99 8pc Baked or Fried Chicken
  • BOGO Edy’s Ice Cream
  • BOGO Lay’s Ice Cream
  • BOGO Wheat Thins Crackers
  • $1.99 Activia or DanActive Yogurt
  • 2/$4 Kraft Shredded Cheese
  • 2/$4 H.T. Orange Juice
  • e-Vic Specials:
    • $4.77 Tide Detergent
    • $1.17 Clorox Bleach
    • $5.77 Scott Bath Tissue 12 Rolls
    • $4.77 H.T. Paper Towels 8 Rolls
    • $2.77 Palermo’s Pizza

Take Advantage of Reduced Items

8 Jun

On Friday I had a great experience at Harris Teeter.  After a rehearsal at church, my daughter and I ran into Target and Harris Teeter.  As we strolled through the store I noticed yellow stickers on some of the meat, so I took a closer look.  The meat was turkey breast tenderloin and they were marked for reduced sale because their sell date was quickly approaching.  The yellow sticker was for $4 off of the price, which was $8.99.  I picked one up because $4.99 isn’t a bad price for a tenderloin.  When we checked out, the turkey rang up $8.99, but the Vic card took $5 off, making it $3.99.  Once the $4 coupon was applied, Harris Teeter owed me a penny back!  Not bad!  Needless to say, I went back and cleared the shelf of all turkey breast tenderloins with the yellow sticker.  After all was said and done, I purchased 9 turkey tenderloins which would have been $81 for around $0.14…Yes, 14 cents!!!  I just paid tax!

Several weeks ago while visiting my mother, I went to Farm Fresh to pick up items for breakfast.  They had reduced pork chops.  I got a family pack of pork chops for less than $3.  Again, a wonderful buy!  Not as good as free, but still good!

The earlier or later you go to the store, depending on the store,  the more likely you are to take advantage of manager mark downs.  Check the dates, make sure the meat still looks fresh and then buy it.  I froze all 9 of the turkey tenderloins and will bake them over the next few months.

Shopping, Shopping, Shopping!

28 May

Good Morning All!  I am clearing out messages in my email box and I have quite a few coupon codes for online shopping.  I thought I would pass them along, just in case you feel like shopping this weekend:-)

LOFT – 40% Off Your Entire Purchase- Coupon Code 40SAVE

KOHL’s– Free Shipping when you spend $100- Coupon Code SHIPPING100 – Get $10 KOHL’s cash for every $50 you spend in-store and online

Stein Mart- Click HERE for printable coupons to use in-store

GAP– 25% off your entire purchase when you spend $75+, Free Shipping with a purchase of $100+ – Coupon Code GAPSUMMER

EXPRESS – $15 Off every $60 you spend – Coupon Code 7273 – Plus, BOGO Ladies Knit Tees & Tanks, BOGO Ladies Sandals

Hurricane Preparation Tax Free Holiday-VA

26 May

May 25-31, 2010: Hurricane and Emergency Preparedness Equipment

During this seven-day period, purchases of items designated by the Department of Taxation as hurricane preparedness equipment, including portable generators, will be exempt from the Virginia sales tax. Portable generators must be priced at $1,000 or less, and other eligible items must be priced at $60 or less for each item. For details, visit the Hurricane Preparedness Equipment Holiday page.

Qualifying items include:  Batteries, coolers, flashlights, rope, smoke detectors, ice packs, bottled water, first aid kits, gas/fuel containers, duct tape, cell phone chargers, manual can openers, weather radios, generators, carbon monoxide detectors.  For a full list of tax exempt items click HERE.