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Save your…

21 Jan

Sanity!  I know that this blog is dedicated to saving money, but, I was thinking today of all of the other things in our life that need to be saved.  Tomorrow I have a massage date with a girl friend from my church and I am really looking forward to it.  Life has a way of weighing on us, and every now and then it is a great idea for us to take a break and do something nice for ourselves.

When was the last time you pampered yourself?  Treated yourself?  If you cannot remember the last time, then maybe it is time that you did something for YOU!  I realize that not all of my readers are women or mothers, but I am going to focus on us for a minute.  How many times do we do for our husband, children, co-workers, family members, friends, neighbors, the church, the PTA, community organizations and everyone else until we feel as though there is nothing else to give?  How many days do you pass out like a limp noodle after a long day of work “things to do lists”?  Again, maybe it is time that you do something nice for YOU!

As women, we have so much to juggle and wear so many hats that we frequently forget that we need to be re-energized and rejuvenated.  So start by doing something for you.  On Monday, my mother and I enjoyed a relaxing pedicure at a local day spa.  While cleaning last week, I came across a brochure for a spa and wondered where did it come from.  I was about to throw it in the trash, when something said to look through it.  I found an envelope with a gift certificate.  I had completely forgotten about this gift certificate that had been given to me way back in 2008 as a baby shower gift from two ladies at the school where I used to teach.  The certificate had an expiration date of 12-2008, which was clearly over a year ago!  I called the spa and asked would they honor the expired certificate and they said “yes”!  I was so excited!  My mother visited over the weekend and accompanied me to the spa.  We had a great time!  Just what the doctor ordered.  I had someone pampering me for 45 minutes, while enjoying a soothing massage chair in a serene environment.  We walked back into the house to find NickJr blasting, toys all over the floor and the kids running around…but my feet sure felt good!

So, back to the massage… I started feeling guilty that I was doing something else for myself again this week, but after scrubbing the kitchen floor twice in the same day, taking my 3 toddlers out of the house to run errands, cooking breakfast and dinner, washing dishes, doing the laundry, taking my DH lunch, cleaning up after the twins decided to throw their plates on the floor and enjoying Cole’s “terrific 2’s” tantrums…and that was just today… I decided I have earned an hour full body massage!  While I am saving my sanity, I will be saving money too!  How?  There are frugal ways to pamper yourself.  My friend and I will be heading to a local massage therapy school.  Our massage therapists are in various stages of their program and must have a certain number of “hands on” hours.  I am more than happy to help the students get their hours, while I get a quality massage, at a fraction of the price I would pay at a spa.  Hour massages at this particular school run from $15-$30, compared to $60-$100.

So ladies, and gentlemen…save your sanity and do something for yourself.  It may be a massage, a pedicure, a dinner date with a friend.  Whatever it is, do something for yourself!  You deserve it!!


Free Calendar for Women

6 Oct

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